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Women Leading Young Women

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Men Committed to Leading Change

The Programs


This program is designed to provide youth with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate and utilize various social media platforms for personal and professional advancement. By doing so, underserved youth are empowered to develop their digital presence, expand their reach, and leverage the power of social media to share their voices, advocate for their causes, and pursue their goals.

5 Star Student Athlete

Our mission is to develop student-athletes to become better people that help build better communities. We focus on personal development both in the classroom and on the field to show how both efforts are needed for success.


Learn how to be a serial entrepreneur. We will provide our 1-to many mentors training to learn business, marketing, financial literacy, website development and social media marketing to be your own boss.  Helping them understand the value in turning their BRAND into a business opportunity in areas that they are already passionate about.



Explore and learn powerful techniques to become the most sought-after candidate for any job, trade, or profession. Youth will learn career prep, resume writing, job interview prep, mock interviewing, in real-world exercises.

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"The thing that I liked the most about the program was that I got to be around older guys that like to have fun and work hard just like me. It was just a good vibe"

Deschman, 10 years old

Gurlz on the Move

Gifted, Unique Real Leaders with Zeal is a mentoring program that teaches our daughters about becoming young ladies while Motivating Others Via their Experiences.  GURLZ on the MOVE mission is to inspire and address the needs of our young ladies’ questions, concerns and curiosities about becoming a confident, self-assured and well versed “Virtuous Woman.” 

All The Kingz Men

Participants will learn what it takes to be a responsible man today. Get practical instruction on life techniques such as, how to react to law enforcement (via partnership with National Order of Black Law Enforcement (N.O.B.L.E)  lunch and dinner etiquette, budgeting, dress, hygiene, and networking from our men of color 1-to-many model


Kappa League

We provide a 1-to-many format that allows for the youth to have constant interaction with a mentor.  The program is designed to prepare underserved youth for a holistic approach to problem solving by creating a village of like-minded individuals that represents their community.


Urban Weekenders

The program is designed to get youth into the great outdoors with fishing, hiking, and camping.

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