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Gurlz on the Move was established to inspire & improve the self-love, self-esteem, and self-pride in girls of color.  We strive to  provide positive role models that build strong character and values.  Our work enables our young girls to become strong women consistently making positive choices  and behaviors that lead to a healthy and productive future.



Gurlz on the Move provides a platform within a safe and open environment for young women to express their feelings and concerns and ask questions regarding any issues they may be curious about or struggling with. Our four to eight-week interactive workshops utilizes spiritual, moral, practical values and principles as the guidelines for addressing and resolving issues. Each week a topic or issue is introduced followed by an in-depth discussion and journaling.



Gurlz on the Move utilizes self-assessment tools along with interviews from friends and family to build self-love and awareness. We currently include two field trips, a bra-fitting and fine dining experience. We wrap up with engaging the girls in career planning with the creation of a vision/dream board that displays future goals and steps for achieving them. 



Gurlz on the Move will help our young women RECONNECT with one another while sharing their true feelings about the climate of the world. They will RENEW their belief in self-awareness, self preservation, and RESTORE their self-confidence in themselves through candid conversation that start the healing process about the things that matter in life.

Class Size: 15 girls participate in each workshop/session,

Age range: 11-13; 14-18.

FUN FACT: Each girl will receive a bag, book, journal, pen, hygiene kit, bra, and other special gifts!

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