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Our team at BRIDGEGOOD believes that UX Design is an up-and-coming career in the tech industry, and we want to inspire the next generation of designers (in your class!). We have created several opportunities that we believe your students will be interested in:

  1. Inspire Oakland Design Challenge: We are inviting your students to participate in a billboard design challenge where they can showcase their skills and win prizes.

  2. UX Design Apprenticeship: We offer a program where students can work with professionals in the field and gain hands-on experience.

  3. Open Labs & Special Tech Events: Your students will have the chance to attend workshops, activities, and conferences that focus on design-related topics (e.g., UX, Product, etc.).

  4. Online Portfolio Platform, We have created an online platform where your students can showcase their designs and build their portfolio.

BRIDGEGOOD is booking now through March 31.We are flexible and can tailor the 30-minute presentation to fit your class schedule and curriculum. You can contact our Program Manager Elisa Feng at and (510) 220-4154.

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