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Job Opportunity: Teen Advisers for Statewide Survey on Cannabis Packaging

King County Cannabis, Tobacco, and Vapor (CTV) Prevention Program and Washington State University are working on a statewide survey for teens about cannabis (marijuana) packaging. The goal of the survey is to understand the experiences and opinions teens have related to cannabis packaging design and warning labels on cannabis products. The survey team is looking for ten teen advisers (ages 16-19) from around the state. Advisers will help decide what questions will be on the survey and how to interpret the survey data.

Here is what being a teen adviser on the Cannabis Packaging Survey will look like: - Teens will attend three virtual meetings with the survey team between November 2022 and April 2023. - In meetings teens will give input on how to interpret focus groups findings, what to include in a statewide survey on cannabis packaging, and, after the survey is complete, how to understand and use the data. - Teens will review materials, like a draft of the survey, outside of meetings and take notes or voice memos to give feedback.

Here is what advisers will get from participating: - CTV will provide teens with an incentive of $75 in electronic gift cards for each meeting they attend and review materials for (total incentives for all 3 meetings and materials review is $225 in e-gift cards) - They will get experience with research study design and analysis. - They will play a part in helping prevent harm from cannabis use by teens in Washington.

To have a diverse group from around the state, we are asking interested teens to complete an application with information about themselves. The application also asks why they are interested in being an adviser as we would like diversity in motivation as well and to know that they do want to help with this work.

How teens can apply to be an adviser: Teens should Fill out this application by November 22nd.

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