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Put your gaming skills to use and WIN the big prize

During the current pandemic, our young people are struggling. The suicide rate is up, as is violent crime. At this time, Kappa League TV plans to step in and fill the gap by building out virtual programs that will reduce the sense of isolation for our young people. The primary goals of this project is:

  • Utilize our Kappa League TV YouTube channel to get our Kappa Leaguers socializing with each other on a broad scale

  • Build up the self-esteem in our Kappa League youth.

  • Build a pipeline for a Kappa League -> Undergraduate Kappa -> Alumni Kappa path for our young men.

The program is open to all Kappa Leaguers who are enrolled in a Kappa League Program for the 2020-2021 fraternal year by Oct 10th. At the end of the schedule, there will be a championship match between the two teams with the best records, and the winning team will take home the glory and the $500 Grand Prize. INTERESTED? KNOW SOMEONE THAT THIS IS PERFECT FOR? SIGN-UP NOW SPOTS ARE FILLING UP FAST!! KAPPA LEAGUE ENROLLMENT FORM

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