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King County Now Recruiting More than 45 People Experiencing Homelessness to Hire into Full-Time Temporary (1 year) County Jobs @ $21-$28/hr (see the 3 County Job Options below)

Once job applicants are referred, interviewed and hired into one of these County jobs they will be enrolled into the King County Jobs & Housing Program (see attached program info sheet), which also provides them:

  • 1 year of Rapid Rehousing services, including housing identification, rent and move-in assistance/supports, and case management services

  • ORCA passes for 1 year

  • Additional mobility services to and from job location if needed (e.g. Vanpool)

  • Clothing, boots, etc. for work if needed

  • 1 year of career services

  • Financial assistance that may include but is not limited to:

    • Move-in costs, including deposits and first month’s rent

    • Rental assistance; Rental applications fees, and payments for background and credit checks

    • Previous housing debt/rental arrears if resolving will facilitate an immediate housing placement

    • Utility deposits and arrears needed to secure housing

    • Moving costs

COUNTY JOB OPTION 1 – King County ELECTIONS Administrative Specialists – hiring for up to 20 temporary openings @ $22.57-$28.75/hr plus benefits

  • Work full-time (typically Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm) for 12 months on-site at King County Elections office in Renton, WA

  • Job Duties

    • Update voter registration records by accurately typing names, dates, addresses, phone numbers, and more

    • Scan returned signature update forms to prepare data entry

    • Perform quality control checks to make sure voter registration records are correct and complete

    • Answer questions from voters as needed.

  • Must have computer skills to be able to perform a high volume of data entry with speed and accuracy

  • No prior elections experience required. Will train!

COUNTY JOB OPTION 2 – King County HUMAN RESOURCES Scanning Technicians – hiring for up to 8 temporary openings @ $20.99/hr plus benefits

  • Work full-time (Mon-Fri starting at 8am/9am) for 12 months on-site at King County downtown Seattle locations

  • Perform sorting and scanning of paper personnel records into an electronic content management system

  • Must have some basic computer skills to perform job duties

  • No prior sorting/scanning experience required. Will train!

COUNTY JOB OPTION 3 – King County PARKS Specialists – hiring for up to 20 temporary openings @ $23.07/hr plus benefits

  • Work full-time (Mon-Fri 6:30am-3pm) for 12 months on-site at various King County Parks locations in either South or East King County

  • Perform a variety of tasks such as landscaping, athletic field maintenance, trail building and maintenance, invasive weed removal, restoration and planting

  • Must be able to do physical labor outdoors

  • No prior experience required. Will train!


  • Must be at least 18 years old and currently experiencing homelessness

  • Must comply with COVID-19 vaccination requirement for King County employees

For more info and to get the very brief referral form for your interested clients/customers experiencing homelessness, contact our King County Jobs & Housing Program, Sasha Gourevitch 206-660-9349 no later than April 4, 2022.

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