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Compukidz WorldWide: Feature Story

Today we want to introduce you to BAXTER PATRICK a true SUCCESS story.

(L/R): Baxter, Jaylen, Jaydze, Back row: Julio, Issac, Richard, Shawn(Me) & Axel

I had the pleasure of meeting these dynamic young men. Most of them had already been negatively labeled by schools and teachers. But not in the "All the Kingz Men" program by Compukidz WorldWide. Every person in our sessions is their own individual "King" and responsible for your own destiny. No previous stories that you tell yourself or that others have told you applies. Together we learned more about each other and our own individual brand. One story that I am going to highlight is Baxter P. (pictured in the front on the left) who at the time was a sophomore in high school. His vision and desire at the time was to become an NFL football player. And in that session we continued to water that vision as well as develop a passion for the details of achieving other goals. Baxter learned about Social Media branding for himself and his business.

Baxter is know an entrepreneur, and has a growing landscaping business called BP Greenworks

Baxter has overcome the negative stories and attempts to derail him from his purpose and he has chosen to use the skills he learned with the Compukidz WorldWide program and combine that with his natural talents and abilities to create a lane for himself and his community. I would like to introduce you to Baxter P. of BP Greenworks a TRUE Compukidz WorldWide success story.

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