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Question of the day: “What is the difference between Complacency & Consistency?”

This question has plagued athletes for years. Our trainer Greylin James with Grindville training would go one step further and say that, “Consistency can turn into Complacency real easy.” if you don’t have the right focus. Going to the gym consistently is great but if you don’t have a valid reason that makes since for yourself then it can turn into just going. Then you are not feeling like going and getting better and stronge. You could actually be setting yourself up for injury. The same thing is true in the classroom. If your not there to get the best grades possible and learn as much as you can, then you are going to get bored and that leads to complacency. When you don’t settle and you remain consistent with your plan then you reach PR (Personal Records) days. You have here Anthony (355), Roy (355), & Deschman (265).

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